Importance of general Diabetic Foot care:


Diabetic foot issues

Foot care must assume primary importance to diabetic patients who are left vulnerable to foot deformities, irritations and physical discomfort due to a lack of appropriate blood circulation. Adopting specialized physcian approved footwear as a basic and underappreciated measure which combats and decreazes the risk of infectious germ diseases such as gangrene.

Issues diabetics face:

Diabetics are prone to trouble and pain from their feet due to the sensitivity caused by poor circulation, which affects the body’s capability of healing itself.

 What the doctors say?

Diabetic patients are advised to stay vigilant and alert about potential cracks, blisters, corns or ulcers that could potentially turn septic and infectious. A comprehensive doctor checkup every year could further point out any high-risk disease or deformity which include for instance hammertoe caused by curled toes due to weakening of tissue; Ingrown toenails which may cause sharp pain, as well as dermatological conditions such corns and warts, which are skin conditions.

Physicians all primary recommend a self care approach to preventing foot care issues including washing and drying your feet daily through the supplements of moisturizers and oil creams that could refresh any dead skin or infections that the area might developed if kept covered and poorly ventilated for a long time.

Why Dr.Brinsley ?

  • Dr.Brinsley provides stability and balance to relieve pressure upon joints and tissue damage by allowing healthy circulation by providing cushioning.
  • Foam Padding serves to help create an even balance and protection from shock and shear.
  • Extra layer of specialized cushioning serves to protect direct impact of weight upon the heel easing the friction that could cause skin irritation and blisters that frequently plague diabetic patients affected by a lack of blood flow that supports tissue.
  • Combined with curved soles that allow the shoes to replicate and protect the planar foot from damage and throbbing pain.

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