Diabetic footwear - designed in Italy, made in India

India's best diabetic footwear

Diabetics are at risk of losing their feet. Correct footwear reduces this risk by over 50%. Our stylish diabetic footwear is loved by patients and doctors alike and is being sold in 85+ hospitals and clinics.



I have walked 10+kms in your footwear in all sorts of terrain including farmlands and beaches..
1) I was very comfortable
2) No one asked me if I was diabetic ­čśů
Well done Vidhan !

Dr. Kishore, COO at Apollo Hospitals (NRI 360)

I've been wearing it since the last couple of months. Must say I am extremely satisfied. Its light, durable, flexible enough, easy to wear & above all, very stylish!! Well done Dr Brinsley. Keep it going.

Viren Nanavati, Type-2 Diabetic

They're terrific! I really like the designs and my feet feel like they're being massaged!

Stephen, Type-2 Diabetic

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