What is Diabetic Foot care?


If you are a diabetic patient then you may be encountering problems with your feet and legs. As diabetes put you at higher risk of calluses, corns, bunions, blister and a ulceretc. High blood sugar means these minor foot problems may become gateways to potentially disabling infections. But you can do several things to keep your feet in shape just by going for regular foot checkup and performing low impact exercises.


Now you all be must be thinking why such foot issues are mostly encountered by diabetic patients?

Well the answer is high blood sugar level damages nerves very badly. Even the diabetic research center have also concluded that problem of blood sugar puts negative impact on the nervous system’s cells and enzymes. And these problems of damaged nerves may lead to diabetic neuropathy. In this medical condition the sufferer also starts losing feeling in their feet or hands.

How Dr.Brinsley solves your problem?

Dr. Brinsley makes India's best Diabetic Footwear and some of our features can be seen below: 

  • Dr.Brinsley provides stability and balance to relieve pressure upon joints and tissue damage by allowing healthy circulation by providing cushioning.
  • Foam Padding serves to help create an even balance and protection from shock and shear.
  • Extra layer of specialized cushioning serves to protect direct impact of weight upon the heel easing the friction that could cause skin irritation and blisters that frequently plague diabetic patients affected by a lack of blood flow that supports tissue.
  • Combined with curved soles that allow the shoes to replicate and protect the planar foot from damage and throbbing pain.

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