Why do we need diabetic footwear?

Diabetic foot

The high sugar levels that serves to characterize diabetes acts not just as a threat to a healthy immunity but also has a direct impact on the circulatory system that leaves one at a physical risk of narrowing and deficient blood vessels. This causes damage especially to the feet as the body struggles to sufficiently circulate blood to one of the farthest reaches required making them vulnerable to nerve and tissue damage.


The pain!

Diabetic neuropathy causing numbness and loss of sensation can result in severe pain rendering patients incapable of simply walking around and remaining physically active in some capacity. Amongst the risks attached with neuropathy, ulcerations, cuts and sores and in some further cases bunions and corn can lead to long standing infections such as gangrene that the healthy immune system would usually combat and heal efficiently.


How wrong footwear affects you:

Diabetic patients who wear tight, ill fitting and excessively heavy shoes are at risk of a number of the aforementioned health complications. By even further restricting blood flow to the farthest component of the body, ulcerations and irritation through friction-based stress may plague patients.


The consequences of negligence:

Amputations are unfortunately common due to a negligent and irresponsible approach to taking care of patient foot care in medical attention as well as sanity and precautions, the chief of which involve corrective and less restrictive footwear. 

How specialised Diabetic Footwear will benefit you:

  • The core concept of all therapeutic shoes made for diabetic patients is in proper and spacious fitting meant to reduce compression and pressure to encourage blood flow.
  • Further, cushioning and comfort are protective of any strain and stress that one could encounter in everyday life from a leisurely stroll to a competitive basketball game.
  • Medical Practitioners recommend custom fitting shoes for diabetic patients as a precautionary and curative measure meant for specifically providing support in sensitive areas such as insoles and arches as per personal preference and requirement.
  • A common form of customization for comfort for instance involves special cushioning along the plantar foot surface that could be extremely sensitive and prone to ulceration in addition to extra physical support in the metatarsal or outsole.

Why Dr.Brinsley?

  • Dr.Brinsley provides stability and balance to otherwise relieve pressure upon joints and tissue damage by allowing for healthy circulation and cushioning.
  • Foam Padding serves to help create an even balance and protection from shock and shear.
  • The extra layer of specialized cushioning serves to protect direct impact of weight upon the heel easing the friction that could cause skin irritation and blisters that frequently plague diabetic patients affected by a lack of blood flow that supports tissue.
  • Combined with curved soles that allow the shoes to replicate and protect the planar foot from damage and throbbing pain.


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